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Courage Recovery

Aug 25, 2019

When we think of the attempt at control that's central in active addiction we are only scratching the surface of this sabotaging behavior. It will undermine a recovery too but luckily it can be unlearned and uncovered.

Aug 5, 2019

Here I dive into frame of mind, context and action steps to deal with shame to keep your recover thriving.


Got to

for the download link of the show's mind map graphic outline.

Apr 18, 2019

A brief talk on the concept of what addiction recovery is all about.


Apr 11, 2019

Denial is our self-appointed pain avoider and it can sabotage us early in recovery just as easily as it can later down the road.

We take a look at how it inhibits a person from being vulnerable and progressing.

Apr 4, 2019

We dive deeper into the topic of Triggers in part 2 by looking at the importance of:

1. Rigorous honesty and willingness to take Action

2. Patterns/Routines that drain Emotional Stamina

3. Creation of Routines that build Emotional Stamina